Apple iphone 5S Specifications- Rumoured

Hello people….Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 😀 I am here to make it more cool by informing you about new upcoming smartphone Apple iphone 5S with its amazing features coming this year as a new revolution in this Hi-Tech world.
Apple iphone 5S will be the successor of iphone 5. The release of this new iphone is a rumour till now. One thing for sure is that after the release of super smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z,  the next iphone will surely up its game.

Apple iphone 5S

Apple iphone 5S

The iphone 5S isn’t drastically different from iphone 5. It will be look like iphone 5. Though the faster processor and a better resolution camera will surely be the part of Apple iphone 5S. An interesting information came out that the next two iphones (iphone 5S, iphone 6) are the last two iphones to be approved by the Steve Jobs.

Apple iphone 5S Specifications:-

The display of the iphone 5S includes Super HD screen display. This seems following the CES 2013, in which the sharp IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) display technology was diplayed first time in 32inch 4K monitor. The new Retina+ sharp IGZO display having 1080p full HD resolution. Apple iphone 5S has brighter and more detailed screen with thickness droping slightly than iphone 5.
Apple this time may introduce third colour in iphone other than black and white.

Retina+ Sharp IGZO Display

Retina+ Sharp IGZO Display

Camera is something that people really care about. Apple is known for quality of its integrated camera in iphone. Apple iphone 5S will include 12MP sensor camera while iphone 5 has 8MP only. It would improve the resolution of photos.

NFC first time in iphone:
The rumours said that iphone will incorporate NFC (Near Field Communication) at some stage. NFC is a close range wireless system that is already adopted by many Android smartphones but it was absent in iphone 5.

Fingerprint Reader:
According to the recent reports about iphone 5S, Apple now seems likely to include fingerprint reader. The scanner will be used to authenticate NFC payments making the smartphone a more secure way of paying for things. It will be made by Chipbond company.

The rumours of 128GB versions seems to be true ths time in iphone 5S, as Apple now has that capacity in recently launched ipad 4. We would say that 128GB version is more than likely. A more useful amount of storage for videos, photos, applications like CAD. The range of capacities now 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

iOS 7:
Apple is working on the successor of its iOS. The iOS 7 will have a completely redesigned user interface. It should include new features to compete with Android, rather than the currently used static interface.

Release Date:
It was expected that it will be released in June,2013. But there is a delay in the release of Apple iphone 5S, as the company is working on the next generation iOS 7. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook informed that there will be no new product release by Apple before September. After this report, it is concluded that it won’t be launched until September. It will be released late September, one month before Apple’s upcoming budget iphone.

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If there is a thing you can count on for Apple, its reliable pricing. Every time a new product is launched its cost is same as outgoing model. So it is expected that it will start from £529 for the 16GB model, £599 for 32GB model and £699 for the 64GB model. And if there is a 128GB model in Apple iphone 5S, we’d guess that it will cost £799.

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