Apple’s next gen iphone 6 coming soon

Your wait will be over soon because iphone 6 release date is to be assumed just after iphone 5s in this year. Apple’s latest smartphones that are iphone 5s and iphone 6 are speculated to features slider control and invisible button.

iphone 6

iphone 6

Invisible button is created by micro perfoation or holes which could be illuminated to show where the button is. This technique uses some backlightning to make this visible when user tapped or it senses the motion of the finger , heat and sound. iphone 6 is not the only device which has this invisible button. There are lots of devices such as laptops, game consoles which uses this concept

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Specification of iphone 6

1. Processor

As we know Apple’s current processor is dual core A6 and next gen will be quad core A7. Reason behind this powerful processor is better efficiency .

2. Operating System

Apple recently gave out data fot WWDC (WorldWide Developer Conference) event will held on 14th June.  In this conference Apple will unveil its next gen operating system that is iOS 7. So if rumours are to be believed then iphone 6 will be the 1st smartphone who runs on iOS 7.

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3. Screen

You have already seen larger smartphones of different companies but CEO of Apple Time Cook said,”our competitors have made trade-offs to ship larger display. We will not ship a larger display iphone while these trade-offs exists. iphone 6  will features Retina or IGZO( indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen display. This new technology of screen uses less power and thinner. It is scratch resistant also. It has 5 inch screen with AMOLED display.

4. Camera

In iphone 6, camera takes less room but it will not compromise with image quality. There will be 13 MP snapper with LED flash  at the back of smartphone.

5. Storage

We were very disappointed to see iphone 5 with 16GB internal storage. So Apple decided  that next gen iphone 6 will come with 128 GB internal storage.

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Release date

Apple’s new CEO Time Cook also gives some hints that upcoming  iphone 6 and iphone 5s will be released later this year but date is not confirmed yet.

Stay tuned with us. whenever we will updated , we will definately tell you guys. Share your views regarding this next gen of Apple

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  1. Shehu Awwal says

    Although i like iOS than any mobile OS. Hope i get my money to get that when it is out.. i will like to see you in my Blog too

  2. cucu says

    Good phone , apple vendor is the best , I’m waiting to release iphone 6 , thank you sir , for you post … Great !!!


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