Google Smartwatch is Real and will be Release Soon

Google Smartwatch is seems to be real and its gets proved when an unknown source close to Google told Android authorities that Google Smartwatch is an actual physical form product and shown up in at least three  different offices which are  Manchester, Berlin and Mountain View.

Google Smartwatch

Google Smartwatch

It is not the first time we get to know that Google is working on the Smartwatch. In March 2013, rumors leaks about the Google Smartwatch but at that time, it’s just a rumour but now we are sure that Google soon release a Smartwatch.

Now the question is who will develop the Smartwatch for Goggle?? Well!!! The unknown source without hesitation gives the answer. According to that source “Motorola” is developing a Smartwatch for Goggle. Is it all true? Well we all know that Motorola made and offers very good smart watches. And if a brand like Google is really working on a wearable technology like Smartwatch and Motorola is developing it for them, then its makes a perfect sense.

Google Smartwatch

Google Smartwatch

It is also known that Google Smartwatch will features the same user interface as in the Google Glass and the functioning is also similar to that of Glass. Google’s watch will integrates with Google services and products which means you can be able to control various Google product using their Smartwatch like Google TV. Also the smartwatch will have the connectivity with internet. You can retrieve Emails, can get direction and many more things with your Google’s watch.

As we all know that Google Glass is really a innovative and wearable invention and making another wearable product that is Google Smartwatch which can do almost everything that a Google Glass can do and also having the same user interface is not seems to be good idea. But Google always holds some surprise in his pocket and till now nobody other than Google know about complete features and specs of this upcoming Smartwatch.

Google I/O 2013 has started today and we are expecting a lot of things from Google including Google Smartwatch. Let’s see whether Goggle will respond according to our expectation or not?

As I already said already all brands all deciding to develop a smartwatch including Samsung, Sony, Apple and many more. Samsung already confirm that they are developing a Smartwatch and now Google but Apple iWatch is just a rumor yet.

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    • Pankaj Jain says

      Yes John, a source from Google also reveal that they will launch their smartwatch at the end of current year but not officially announce.


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