How to determine the right drive for your needs

How to determine the right drive for your needs


For those of you who are looking to build a desktop computer, server or simply upgrade your hard drive, there a several factors to take into consideration. For those of you who are new to computer components, a hard drive is an essential piece of your computer, without the proper hard drive we could be limiting our systems capabilities, hence, the reason for wanting an upgrade.

Buying a quality hard drive like a Western Digital hard drive will not only increase performance and reliability but, it will also ensure that your computer runs more efficiently. Since were making such an important decision, you will want to choose a drive that fits your needs the best.

hard Drive

hard Drive

How to choose a hard drive

The first thing to consider would be space, do you have enough space in your enclosure. Space should play a big role in your hard drive decision making process.

Depending on how much space is available in your tower will determine the type of hard drive you can purchase. Even if you feel you have sufficient space, be sure to check exactly how much you have. If the space is too restrictive inside the enclosure, this may result airflow loss, which may cause overheating.

There are two main types of hard drives, external or internal. One drive is placed outside of the desktop tower (on the desk itself in most cases) and the other will actually get mounted inside the tower itself. So let’s say we have enough space for either. At this point it would all be up to preference,

if you think you will be transferring massive amounts of data on a regular basis then the internal would suit you best. External drives generally transfer data at a slower rate than a standard internal hard drive. The biggest difference between external and internal hard drives is the price. An external drive is nearly twice the price of an internal drive.

Hard drives come in a variety of different models that each serves a specific purpose. Here is a list of all the different types of drives.  Enterprise Class, PATA , SATA, SCSA, and finally Solid State Drives. Each one will perform optimally in a specific fashion and environment, so take your time to decide on what fits your needs best.

Western Digital Hard Drive

Once you have determined the type, size, and specs of the drive you want, choosing a good brand will be the next step. Western Digital is one of the largest manufactures in the computer hardware industry, for over 40 years they have been creating computer electronics.

WD drives have unique design that will promote a healthy data transfer at an incredible rate. A Western Digital hard drive capacity will range from 80G-4TB and get up to speeds of 10k-15k RPM when under heavy loads.

The SATA drive interface will produce 6 GB/s for fast and efficient performance.  With best-in-class performance and 24/7 customer support Western Digital makes it easy to find the right hard drive.


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    Hello rajesh
    When determining hard drive. It must be a good quality because it contains all important contents. Great article writtened keep up the good work bro :)

  2. says

    In my experience WD HDD’s are a solid performer, we use their enterprise range in web servers and have very few failure rates. If you’re going for a boot HDD on a PC I would recommend going the SSD route and use an Intel HDD, for SAS or SATA WD is a good choice.

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