iphone 5s vs Samsung galaxy note 3-which one is better

iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Frankly, there is currently an arms race going on between mobile companies as they race to be the first to do the best. Maybe mobile device makers are running out of ideas. Samsung recently introduced monster of a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung’s Galaxy Note made it new with the fanciest and stylish S Pen.

Comparatively, Apple also just unveiled its iPhone 5S, the latest flagship device with a fingerprint sensor, turning user finger into your password. Here is the spec comparison concerning Samsung’s new phablet and Apple’s new smartphone so that which gadget will prove to be a better choice for us.

Mobile Design:

Instead of the standard plastic housing normally seen in Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note 3 design presents a faux leather backing with a fake stitching to give it a soft appearance and leather-bound look.

Similarly, iPhone 5s design doesn’t stray too far from Galaxy Note 3. Apple’s new smartphone is still prepared in its standard aluminum housing. The iPhone 5s is available in Space Gray, Gold and Silver. With both of these devices, users have more room for customization.

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Smartphone users in search of a more polished appearance should go for iPhone 5s. In my views, both the iPhone 5s and Galaxy Note 3 proves worthy choices in terms of look, depending on user preferences.

iphone 5s vs samsung galaxy note 3

iphone 5s vs samsung galaxy note 3

Which special one do you want?

  • Galaxy Note 3 (S Pen): Samsung has filled the Note 3 with so many pen-based gestures. Without the S Pen, you will be hard-pressed to use the device. Although, the handwriting recognition is slow, but S Pen is the most accurate stylus on the smartphone market.
  • iPhone 5S (Touch ID button): Apple’s fingerprint sensor works very impressively. It doesn’t do much except unlock your phone but we can imagine Apple will open it up down to the line.

Mobile Display:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has some extra weight as compared to the Apple iPhone 5s, but its display is very impressive. The 5.7 inch HD Super AMOLE device boasts a screen resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. The screen is a best quality choice for media viewing, having 101 percent more display area.


If a user can remind the past chunky weight of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with sharp screen resolution and more surface area make it a worthy device. The iPhone 5s display may not be as sharp as the Galaxy Note 3, but still it features a remarkable screen resolution. If anyone says screen resolution is the most imperative feature for a smartphone user than the Samsung phablet undermines the iPhone 5s based on pixel density.


 A comparison Review


iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Which one is best for you

Features iPhone 5s Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Weight 112g 168g
Size 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 (mm) 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 (mm)
Screen 4.0-inch LCD 5.7 inch HD Super AMOLED
Resolution 1136×640 pixels 1080×1920 pixels
OS iOS 7 Android 4.3 with TouchWiz UI
Storage 16/32/64GB 32GB
SD Card Slot No Yes
Processor 64-bit A7 chip (M7 motion processor) Quad-core Snapdragon 800
Gimmick Fingerprint Sensor S Pen
Battery 1570mAh 3200mAh
Marketplace Apple- App Store Google – Play Store


The Smart Choice:

As you’re going to want smartphone in your hand before you make a decision about go for iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Playing around with all of these devices, I suggest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best choice for anyone with S Pen Gimmick and now you will have better feeling for which is right one for you.

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Guest post By UmairMasood from TodayonTech.com

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  1. says

    Nice comparison, Both have own plus and minus point. But as we seen battery backup, screen size, memory than Note 3 is better.

    Thanks for such a nice review

  2. says

    DOnt know about the 5S (though it is pretty aumable that it would be great) but talking about the iOS 7 it is simply amazing. Tried it on iPhone 5 and it was hard to get my hands off and give the phone to the person whom it belonged to. :p


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