Sailfish OS Smartphone introduced by Jolla

A group of Ex- Nokia Employee  launches its first smartphone which is MeeGo based Sailfish OS  and supports Android Apps.

Former employee’s of Nokia who left the company when Nokia decide to ditch  Sailfish OS and proceed with Window’s operating system for their smartphone had finally unrelieved their first MeeGo Smartphone as part of a new company called Jolla, dubbed Sailfish.It is not confirmed yet that what will be the name of smartphone but it’s using term “The Other Half”. The price of this smartphone will be 399 Euros.

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Jolla was founded by the ex-employees of Nokia who used to work on Nokia  before. With just 70 employees jolla was started.Sailfish  is a popular operating system for Netbook. But now Sailfish   is designed to operate on smartphones. MeeGo based Sailfish  will have full touch interface, adding a new flavor to existing touch interface in the market.

Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone

Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone

Jolla is struggling a lot to compete in the smartphone market. Andriod operating system and Apple IOS both account’s for 92% of the smartphone market. BlackBerry OS and Windows OS left behind with a share of 3% each. At this stage it is very difficult for MeeGo to survive in market but still company is trying their best to make MeeGo based Sailfish OS to survive in the market.

Jolla chairman Antti Saarnio said the Jolla’s openness in allowing users to download Android apps would differentiate it from others. He said the dominance of the top two players wasn’t necessarily permanent.

Quick look at Specification of Sailfish OS Smartphone

First MeeGo based Sailfish   smartphone comes with 4.5 inch display and 8-megapixel camera with HD recording. It will have a dual core processor with 16GB of internal memory. It will also 4G capable depending on the market.The price of new Jolla phone is around 399 euros ($510), and it runs on the  Sailfish operating system and it’s also be compatible with Google’s Android applications.


According to the company first MeeGo based Sailfish  Smartphone will hit the market in the last quarter of 2013.

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