Samsung Confirm It Will Develop a Smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatch

Hello Readers… hope you all are doing great. First of all I would say sorry to all my readers for such a long break in my posts and thanks to my friend Rajesh for controlling and managing our blog individually and for understanding my problem :) :) . Now I’m back and today I’m going to share a very interesting topic with all of you that is Samsung Smartwatch.

Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatch

Yes, you heard it right. Samsung has planned to release a smartwatch soon. In my previous article I have discussed about the features of smartwatch and got a great response and that’s why I have decided to write one more article on smartwatch.

As I have already mentioned, Samsung has confirmed that they are developing a smart watch and they will release it soon. According to the Samsung vice president of mobile Lee Young Hee…

“Samsung smartwatch will perform almost all tasks of a Smartphone”

Samsung Smartwatch Altius

Samsung Galaxy Altius

There are various screenshot’s rumored leaks, out of which two are shown above. Lee Young Hee, Samsung executive also reveals that a Korean company is working on it and the code name for this device is GA7. It is also known that the Samsung version will get the name Galaxy Altius. It doesn’t matter what name company will decide to give it, the thing which matter is it’s specification. We are expecting high end specs like media player, connection to emails, connectivity with phones and the clock. I mean a device that will lock perfect on your wrist.

As we all know that, Samsung is Google’s largest android partner and that’s why we can imagine Samsung smartwatch could run on android and the integrity with Samsung phones.

Forrester principal analyst Charles Golvin doesn’t see a smartwatch having a huge impact on customer electronic industries. According to him Smartphone and phones is itself a great source of time. But this doesn’t stop the companies like Samsung, Sony, Apple, Pabble from developing a smartwatch.

Other Watches:

There are many more brand other than Samsung who are integrating in this watch market. Sony has an android compatible watch that gives you free updates and a online connection.

Apple iWatch:

Apple name its smart watch, iWatch. Apple iWatch seamlessly integrated with the Apple products and services. iPhone, iPad, Macbook and all Apple products. So, if you are already using an Apple product then iWatch is the best for you. iWatch notify you when you receive a phone call and also makes sure that you never lost your phone. iWatch alerts you the next second when you moved out of range from your phone.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

A team of 100 developers already working on iWatch, and Apple plans to release its smart watch at the end of current year.

Google’s Smartwatch:

As it is Google smartwatch then it must integrates with Google products and services. Like you are watching a program on Google TV, for changing the channel you just need to tab your smart watch or you can simply say “Okay, watch, change the channel to ‘name of channel’ “.

Google Smartwatch

Google Smartwatch

Similar to Google Glass, smart watch would be able to retrieve information, notify and display emails, give direction and lot more. Which means if Google do release a smartwatch then it’s not wrong to say that the smartwatch is a competitor of Google Glass.


Price of these smart watches is not leaked as right now these are just rumors. But it is confirm that they will soon hit the market.

So what do you think about smart Watches? Do you like my article?? Share your views through comments, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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    • Pankaj Jain says

      Thanks Mr. Deepanshu…and of course Samsung smart watch are going to be great…But these all are just rumors yet..!!!
      We all are hoping for the best of Samsung…

    • Pankaj Jain says

      Yes you are absolutely right Mr. Kumar. Everyone just involve in the race of developing smart watches. Lets see who give us their best smart watch first.. :) :)

    • Pankaj Jain says

      Thanks Rahul for visiting our blog. I’m glad you like my post and talks about Google smartwatch…Yaa they are also planning to develop a smart watch and I have also included some content about it in my post but their dates are also not reveal yet…so can’t say anything..
      Keep visiting.. :)


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