Samsung Galaxy S6 release date to be scheduled in early 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date to be scheduled in early 2015

The Korean Herald has officially announced the Galaxy S5 smartphone and has also flushed the launch date for its handiness in 150 countries but what on the subject of release date for its future successor viz. Samsung Galaxy S6? The beneficiary of Samsung Galaxy S5 will kick off in next year’s half-moon or in simple terms, first quarter as per the rumor mill running on the internet says. In this post I have came along with the best possible release date of the future flagship – Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

This world famous manufacturer started a new era of smartphones by launching new smartphone series i.e. Galaxy “S” in June 2010 and publicized the first member of it in June itself. Since then Samsung has demoed four more members of that series, each successor of which has been launched year after year from the first launch. The Korean firm has made it a tradition now to reveal the new flagship of this series in February or March and make it available (release) for the major countries of world in April. Just have a look at the release date of all the members of “S” series from the beginning:

Galaxy S (i9000): June 2010

Galaxy S2 (i9100): April 2011

Galaxy S3 (i9300): May 2012

Galaxy S4 (i9500): April 2013

Moving on to the latest member of the series i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5 which is recently revealed at MWC in Barcelona; and about which the firm has confirmed that it will release the smartphone on April 16th in 150 countries of the world. It seems the custom of revealing device in February or March and launching it in April or May has been in the nerves of the firm now. If we take into account this style or tradition which the firm is following since the release of Galaxy S2, we can assume that Samsung Galaxy S6 release date to be set in next year’s April month and it will be surely unleashed in February or March.

The above possibility which I have mentioned might not be anywhere on web and its much relevant as per the release date of all the previous members of Galaxy S series but the firm faces pressure and huge competition nowadays in smartphone market which might compel them to launch Galaxy S6 in November or December of 2014 itself. This aspect seems to be irrelevant as the Korean giant will be busy in launching Galaxy Note 4 at that time. There is less chances of S6 in 2014 but for sure it will be coming out in April 2015, don’t worry.

Do you wish Galaxy S6 to be released in 2014 or 2015 or what’s your opinion about its release date? Don’t forget to share it in the comments section. Cheers!!

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