Updates on Galaxy S6 Specifications

Every time a Smartphone is due for release in the market, people get too excited and hence start speculating about it. These speculations are merely a reflection of the last released device, and the future expectations of the next similar Smartphone. This has been the case with Galaxy S6, where everyone has hints about the features of the device even though it due for release in the year 2015 or end of 2014. Some of the speculated features are as follows:

  • Aluminum body

Galaxy S5 will have a metallic body, and pictures leaking in the internet indicate that the metal in question is aluminum. It is therefore expected that S6 will have the same type of metal jacket but more sturdier and attractive than in the S5.

  • 20 MP camera

Samsung is working on improving its entire phone devices’ camera to the end that every user will have clear shots even in less lit areas. This will be the case with the S6 camera that has super sensors and great error fixing capacities. It will also have a 4.7 rear camera.

  • Wireless charging

Most of the future Samsung’s devices will come with wireless charging, thanks to magnetic resonance technology that the company has indicated to be working on.

  • Curved body/flexible body

All the devices that are due for release in the future may have a curved body. This is because of the trend that manufacturers such as apple are keeping today. Pictures leaked into the social media have shown a Galaxy S6 with a curved body. If this does not hold true, Samsung may consider having a flexible body which will be equally trendy in the near future.

  • 4GB RAM

Since Galaxy S6 is likely to run on an android milk-shake system, a 4GB RAM should be enough to run it. People were talking of a 6 GB RAM which could be a possibility in the future but certainly not with the upcoming S5 or S6.Galaxy s6



  • Display

5.2 inches screen with 2560×1600 full HD resolution. The screen may actually be bigger than this since the trending feature for most Smartphone devices is bigger and attractive screens.

People also speculate that the battery capacity may be better with S6, probably from 3500 mAH capacity or more. The phone will also have finger print sensors, retinal sensors and possibly thermal sensors. It will also be thinner and lighter than most of the Samsung’s devices in the market today.

Galaxy S6 may come with both QUALCOMM and Exynos versions.  Its concept will be informed by the yet to be released Galaxy S5. It will actually be an upgrade of galaxy s5 more than it will be about new features. Nevertheless, there is definitely going to be a lot of innovation going into the making of this amazing device.

The actual release date of the S6 is yet to be announced. It is upon the release of this device that most of the speculations above will be confirmed or discarded. In either way, Samsung will have known what the consumers actually demand from them, and probably come up with such like devices in the near future.


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